In Refrigeration… Procrastination = Pain

When summer summer arrives and the temperature outside hits 90 plus degrees outside. If you’re like most of us, you cross your fingers, pray a bit and just hope to heaven that your Air Conditioning unit kicks on. Many of us know that feeling. In that situation our procrastination to do regular maintenance on our Air Conditioning unit leads to unexpected pain when we have to call the HVAC tech out for a repair! Just like Air Conditioning units, all commercial refrigeration systems work more reliably if they are cleaned and maintained frequently. The first word in Air Conditioning is “Air”. Air does a lot of the work in keeping us cool. As the Air moves thru your indoor and outdoor units, inside that air is dirt, grease, and myriads of other undesirable things that move right along with the air. Those things get trapped in and on the surfaces of your blower motors, evaporator coil fins, condenser coil fins, your fan blades and blower wheels. Somebody has to open that unit up and clean those undesirables out of the components, or you will be guaranteed have unexpected problems. Broken fan motors, bad compressors, bad electrical components are just the beginning, the list goes on and on.

At Cox Brothers Food Equipment Repair we specialize in repair and maintenance on all types of commercial refrigeration systems. If you need service on your commercial refrigeration equipment, ice machines, or any type of gas or electric food equipment in Rolla, St James, St Robert, Waynesville, Salem, Cuba, Owensville, Lebanon, Dixon, Bourbon, Sullivan, Steelville, Licking, at or around Osage Beach/Lake Ozark areas go on and give us a call! Our number is 573-368-4083


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